Cake Boss -- the local version

A. and P. have discovered The Next Great Baker show on instant play and have become pretty consumed with it. As a result, A. has decided that she really, really wants to learn to decorate amazing cakes. Since I'm always happy to indulge my children's varied interests, when I saw the student fondant kit at the craft store yesterday, I decided to give A. a treat.

After an afternoon of watching instructional videos, she was ready to bake and cake and get decorating. We decided she should make a Lady Baltimore cake with added Meyer's Lemon extract and lemon zest to make it a little more interesting. (It worked out very well.) Last night she baked the caked and iced it in buttercream frosting as she saw in her videos. This morning she tackled the fondant.  Here are the results:

I think it's pretty darn impressive considering this is her very first attempt. (That's fondant, not icing, covering the cake, by the way.) Don't you love seeing the different paths your children lead you down?


Marge Stromberg said…
my grandaughter ad her friend did fondant cupcakes last summer. Quite the production!

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