Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Just don't ask about my day. On the plus side, I got my hair cut, took a daughter for a physical, and dropped coolers off at a friend's so they can bring home our side of beef after Thanksgiving. But now it's 5pm and that's all I've done. Not picked up the medicine I need from the store (the parking lot was too full), not written the article that was due last week, not written a real blog post, not folded the piles of laundry, not packed, not ready to leave. (We have a house-sitter for the dog, otherwise I wouldn't be sharing this information.) It could be a very late night.

That's all. Just wanted to share. Life will be better once we have the van and trailer packed and we head out tomorrow. Along with everyone else in the country.

No, I'm not having a wonderful day, why do you ask? But you know what? Things not going easily today really don't matter and fall into perspective when you read your friend's blog post about her son's heart surgery. This is one of the families we traveled with when we adopted H., and they were adopting Ben, the son who had surgery today. They weren't even sure it was repairable, but he is now out of surgery and so far things look good. Hallelujah! I'll be folding and packing with a smile on my face this evening.

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