Happy 11th Birthday, TM!

Today is TM's birthday, though we will celebrate tomorrow. He really does not like having his birthday connected with all the hoopla and scary stuff of Halloween and I can't say I blame him. We decided that All Saints' Day, Nov. 1, was a much better time to celebrate, so that's what we do. I did make apple cider donuts this morning per his request, though.

So, Happy Birthday, TM! I love you more than you may ever know. You have changed my in profound ways; no less profound than when M. was born and I first became a mother. I am constantly amazed at your creativity and love to see your seemingly effortless projects. You are bright and energetic with so many good things inside of you.

I also grieve for the hurts you have endured and would do just about anything to be able to go back and somehow change it. When you hurt, I hurt. I continually pray love and peace for you. That you would feel God's profound and unreserved love for you and as a result be able to feel your parents love for you as well. And that with that love you can finally feel peace. Deep, overwhelming peace where there is no fear or pain or hurt. This is what I desire for all of my children, but if I could give you anything it would be to be free from your hurt and pain.

I love you. Always.


sandwichinwi said…
What a beautiful post.

Happy Birthday, TM!!!

(how come I always forget our boys are so, so close in age? Mack turns 11 two weeks from today.)


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