Saturday, September 14, 2013

Some links and comments

Do you know how difficult it can be to come up with something to write about each day... especially if I want to avoid writing about how many loads of laundry I have (or haven't) done? My life just isn't that interesting much of the time. Or it is too interesting yet none of it is available for public airing, and I can't write about it. Which leaves me with sharing links to other stuff.

First, I'm sure many of you saw some variation of the Reuters article on underground adoption 'rehoming'. I hadn't commented on it, but while the results are horrendous, what the writers missed was the reason why the practice started in the first place. That would be, in my humble opinion, a combination of woefully unprepared parents, extremely hurt and traumatized children, and very little, if any support available post-adoption. We are all capable of horrible actions if pushed far enough. I thought this joint response from the Attachment and Trauma Network, Attach-China International, and INCIID was excellent and accurate.

Next, I loved this blog post about what homeschooling parents are really like. I have come across the sentiment that there must be something different about me that enables me to do what I do, more than once. And on some level there is... letting the Holy Spirit work through you does make you different. But that's not me, that's God. If we are just talking about my own sinful, lazy self, then I am no different than anybody else. What I found most interesting was a little discussion in the comments. A woman accused the blog writer of being guilty of alienating the public school crowd and of being overly divisive. As someone who chose to send her children to public school, she felt badly because if any schmo can homeschool, then it makes her seem shallow and selfish for doing so. While she says that she has very good reasons for doing so, it seems she doesn't actually believe them, if merely reading about the ordinariness of homeschoolers induces guilt. Once again, I'm fine with people choosing public school for their children, but I have found that the parents most comfortable with their own educational choices for their children are also the ones who are the most comfortable with mine. It seems I raise too many uncomfortable questions in the minds of those who have never given the issue any thought.

Finally something completely fun and frivolous that B. shared with me. Have you ever heard of hidden paintings on the edges of books? It is so cool... you really need to look at the link to appreciate it. It makes me want to go look carefully at all of our older books.

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