But no chicks with bricks


Fox in box.

Shocks the socks off people who walk in the front door.
Who expects to see a fox without socks in a box?

This is our newest item that we checked out from the Harris Loan Center. He has startled more than a few people as they walk in the door and see him staring at them. G. likes him because he doesn't move. I need to remember to take the van when I go for Harris Loan items; he barely fit in the car (I had the small one) when we brought him home. It was a good thing we didn't decide to bring something bigger. 


susan said…
That is awesome. What a fun Mom you are!
sandwichinwi said…
COOL! You ARE a fun mom!
Erika said…
Too funny, we were just at the library and happened to pick up Fox in Socks. I don't remember reading that as a kid...not sure I could tolerate a beginning reader trying to wade through all those tongue twisters!!

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