Thursday, August 29, 2013

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I'm spending my day catching up with laundry (desperate... I should take a picture of the pile of dirty laundry just to make every other person feel better about their laundry) and working on making preschool activities for the school year. It will mean doing copious amounts of laminating. (I'm secretly very excited.) The trick will be to keep all the smaller people in my house occupied while I do this. Preferably with an activity htat has limited mess making possibilities. I am not hopeful.

Recently the favorite activity has been to play "Going on a Trip". They love this game. I do not, other than the fact it does keep them busy. It is mainly because the game involves packing. And by packing I mean the littles take nearly every item in their room, put it in any available container they can find, and carrying it downstairs where the 'vehicle' is. Inevitably when they arrive at their destination, they must unpack. For some reason, when they go on trips, they always leave, but never go home. They never think to pack all their stuff again and carry it upstairs. Really what they should call the game is 'Moving'. It would more accurately reflect the movement of stuff from one location to another.

In other news, I still have yet to hear from the Brookfield Zoo (and yes, I did send them a copy of the letter). I'll let you know if I hear back. H. and K. had appointments at the plastic surgeon's yesterday. He is very happy with how H. is looking and is starting to think about what the next will be. There is a possibility that nerve cells can be transplanted to allow her more mobility in the affected side of her face. K. is set to have surgery on Sept. 12 for a lip and nose revision. Evidently there are some muscles in his lip that aren't attached, so those will be connected as well.

And now, having got another late start (that will have to change next week), I need to go. The children are getting louder, the dog is barking outside, D. is needing help with making bread, and I still need to get dressed.

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