Graduation dinner

Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate B.'s high school graduation. With him moving onto campus next week, we realized that we needed to schedule this or he would leave for college before we got to it. This is also what we did for M.'s graduation. She really didn't want a big party, so I completely stole the idea of a dinner with just our older children from Mary at Owlhaven. She had written about having a date with her older children and I loved it and stored it in my mental files. It seemed to be the perfect way to celebrate the end of high school. B. also did not want a party, so we did the same thing with him.

He chose to go to an Irish Pub restaurant in town and it was just M., B., and A. who went. We had to make the decisions that you counted as an older child if you were in high school or beyond. It was a lot of fun. As much as I love dinner with everyone at the table, it can become a bit loud and difficult to have real conversations. This allowed us to really visit with our older children and enjoy their company without also reminding smaller types to not put their feet on the table or shout or to use their silverware.

As nice as it is to go with just the older people, it can't happen very often these days. The amount of planning and such required in order for us to leave the house and take all the older ones with us is a little staggering. Thanks to the P family and H-S family girls for helping us out. Let's just say that with our current household population, supervision is an important thing. It reminds me that we don't really live a normal life.

Happy high school graduation, B. Congratulations!


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