Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wonder Twins

There used to be a whole lot more about G. and L. on this blog, but as they've gotten older that seems to have stopped. And I know that this makes some people unhappy. They continue to be funny, funny little girls. Personality-wise, they are very different, but in the past couple of weeks, all of us have had the experience of mistaking one for the other. They seem to be growing more alike physically than they were. I think this is because G.'s face is slimming down as she gets older and is losing a little of her baby roundness. This makes her face look a lot more like L.'s and she is starting to get annoyed at being mistaken for her sister all the time. 

G... they're ready for the beach

But it's only family who should know better that bothers her. Both G. and L. are well aware that they look similar and that non-family members usually can't tell them apart. They think that's a little funny. At least for now.


And H. can now tell them apart. For nearly a year, she was baffled as to which girl was who and solved the problem by calling them the same name of GL. I've been noticing that she doesn't do that anymore.


And they're just fun girls. The love of super heroes remains and they are always turning into something. Yesterday, J. was working outside and at the same time trying to get them to put their fists together and say, "Wonder Twin powers, Activate!" And anyone who gets that reference is as old as J. and I are. It's from a Saturday morning cartoon that had all sorts of super heroes in it, including the Wonder Twins who were able to transform into other things. Well, G. and L. never did the fist-thing, but they were certainly taken with being the 'Wonder Twins' and turning into other things. G. informed me that she had turned into 'Fast Panda' (though more often she is Flower Power, the super hero who creates flowers) and L. had various wild cats that she was becoming.

They usually get along, except when they don't. A favorite striped pink shirt was in time-out last week because I discovered one girl clutching it to her chest and running and screaming, "It's mine!" while the other girl was chasing after her, arms out-stretched and screaming, "It's mine!" This same scenario was a little more disturbing when it involved a doll and each girl had an arm and a leg and I'm pretty sure they would have split it in half if I hadn't rescued the doll and put it in time-out.

This type of behavior happens infrequently, though. They usually are the best of friends. Of course, it's not without little dramas here and there. The other day, when it had been a particularly long process to get them into beds for naps, I turn around and discover G. standing in the hall with her hands on her hips and frowning. I ask what's wrong and she says in a very grumpy voice, "She [meaning L.] called me Buster." Can you imagine? Or yesterday at the park when L. was standing at the top of a slide and calling me to watch. I turn to watch just as I see G. give L. a big, unexpected, push and L. comes down the slide a little more forcefully than she intended. She was fine, but G. was not happy about having to sit out some play time on a park bench.

They are just fun and funny. And a joy to have around.
Trying to keep up...

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