Well, the horizontal tree I told you about a while ago has finally fallen. The other night, J. was up late and happened to hear some very odd sounds coming from the front of the house. Odd creaking, cracking sounds. He looks out of the window and realizes that the tree is slowly falling. So he runs and grabs the van keys and moves the van out of the driveway and down the street. When he returns, the tree is down and touching the ground. Except for the fact that J. was running around the front yard moving cars in his pajamas, the whole thing seem rather anti-climactic. There wasn't even a heavy wind... just a heavy tree and a trunk which could no longer hold it up.

So now it sits in our driveway while we try to figure out what to do with it. I guess we'll have to have a tree service come and cut it up and take it away. B. did saw off some branches so we can get the van in the driveway. It doesn't look all that different from the street, so the child have been interested to note that most people walking by don't even realize that it's down.

Here are some pictures that A. took.

OK, people. Last day to vote. Evidently some other bloggers have been doing a last minute push because I'm dropping in the rankings every time I look. So, even if you haven't voted before, could you please vote today?


molly said…
You may offer your tree up on craigslist or at your church for folks to use as firewood. Just let them know that it is down and they need to do the work to get it out of there.

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