My mind is a blank

I have sat here and sat here and I've got nothing. Or at least nothing of any substance to say. I could tell you about the children who are bickering at each other. Or the girl who has done nothing but whine at me because she refuses to get herself dressed. Or the dog who really just wants someone (me) to play with her and is doing her annoying 'bark until it feels as though there is an ice pick driving into your temple'-thing.

I could tell you about the piles of bills and papers on my desk that really need to be sorted through and paid today. Or I could tell you about the piles of laundry in the basement waiting to be washed. (This could explain the whining girl because she has three or four preferred outfits and doesn't like to get dressed if one of these isn't clean.) There's also the general mess around the house because I haven't been home much the past two days.

And did I mention it's really hot outside, so no one wants to play outside.

But I'm pretty sure that if I were to do so, I would be no less annoying than the whining girl who is writhing around on the floor at the moment. So I won't. Instead I will pour myself another cup of coffee, find clothes for the whining girl, get some breakfast, and see if I can work my way out the bad mood I feel looming up on the horizon.

Some days are like that.
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TesLorrain said…
As a long time lurker, and in complete solidarity...I understand. 😊
Carla said…
Thanks for the reminder that you have days like this too. Sometimes it's easy to put you up on a pedestal.

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