Dinosaur Puppets

The play ran this past weekend, so I am now allowed to post pictures of the dinosaur puppets M. made for it.

 Let's start with the Velociraptors. Here is the working prototype she started out with. Since the dinosaurs have a major role in Jurassic Park, they were to be worked by actors and needed to be able to be moved and manipulated. Nearly all of the dinosaurs are made out of cardboard and other found materials. (And this is why I was walking through the store navigating very large pieces of cardboard I had found.)

This is still more of a prototype and not the final puppet. (P. is modelling.) You can see it now has skin and how the actor would hold it.

Here is the inside of the body. Those two rings attach to cables which make the mouth open and close.

The head on one of the final puppets.

And both of them together.

On to the Dilophosaurus. This is a little guy who runs around (he's on wheels) and has neck frills that fly open.

With the frills open...

and closed.

Next, the T-Rex. This is his head which the actor holds with two hands.

His mouth opens. And, I might add, is very scary when you are coming around a corner and do not expect to be greeted by a large dinosaur.

A close-up of his head.

The Brachiosaurus. He has to sneeze and have water come out of his mouth.

And the Brachiosaurus who doesn't sneeze and is seen further away.

There were more, but you'll have to go to M.'s Tumbler page to see them. She also has much more detailed descriptions of what they are constructed of on there. Here's the link:  Shiny Objects


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