J. came home last night after having been gone for a week. It was quite a week... disregulation everywhere. That is actually a good sign, I think, because it shows that it mattered to the disregulated child that J. was gone. This hasn't really happened before. And while it was far easier in the past when he didn't care, I know that this is healthier in the long run. It's not really a whole lot of fun, though.

This was J.'s last week to be gone away in July due to his doctoral program. There is still a lot to go, but he's getting closer.

So now life can get back to normal around here. Whatever normal is. We'll probably have a little more disregulation as we make the adjustment, but I won't be handling it alone this time. Maybe I'll even find time to go by myself somewhere this weekend. All. By. Myself. And there I can spend some time preparing for the radio interview I have coming up on Monday. If you want to listen, it will be at 10 am (CDT) on the This is the Day program on Moody radio. I'll be talking about managing frustration in parenting. Something I've had more than a little experience with this past week. I wish I could say I handled it well the whole time, but boy, that would be one whopper of a lie if I did.
Ack! A new blog has come out of nowhere and has knocked me down to 6th place. Darn. Could you take a moment to vote?

And one more piece of self-promotion. I have a new article up about taking family car trips.


sandwichinwi said…
Sorry! I was on vacation all week with no internet and couldn't vote. But now it's done for today.

I'm sending you an email about truth and beliefs.

And I'm off to read about car trips. Probably should have had that a week ago. The car was the hardest part for people for whom its hard. We need a non-car vacation.

sandwichinwi said…
Good article. That is exactly everything we do. The Sign of the Beaver got a third go-around in the car. I've never actually had to read the book, we've always listened to it on audio on vacation. Each time we've done Sonlight Core 3/D, that CD has come with us. We are also big Adventures in Odyssey fans (we went through 3 new sets this trip) and Your Story Hour.


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