Happy (belated) 10th birthday, D.!

We celebrated D.'s birthday last night. He chose steak salad for dinner and strawberry pie for dessert. Because my birthday candle collection is becoming truly pathetic, P. was holding a '1' candle and another candle to sort of represent 10. (Remember, we have to hold candles around here because everyone picks pie and it is very difficult to put candles in pie.)

The other candle happened to be a relighting one, so they played with that for a while.

And then it was time for presents. My birthday wrapping supplies are perhaps even more pathetic than my birthday candle supplies. TM helped wrap, but eventually decided to just put everything into a gift bag because we had no tape and only Christmas wrapping paper.

But the outside doesn't matter so much when you're really excited about the new Lego set you are getting. (Thanks to generous grandparents.)

And there were other gifts, too. A game, a collection of new audio stories, and the promise of an Asterix book, which is yet to arrive. (Boy, is there something about D.'s face in this picture that strongly resembles B. The baby photos of each boy are very similar [I sometimes need to check the name on the back], but then as they each grew up, I wasn't as aware of the similarity, but I see it here.)

D. is one of my very people oriented children. He is interested in others and has a very tender heart. He's one of the people that everyone seems to know. D. is also an amazing reader and I wouldn't be surprised if he has the auditory version of a photographic memory. (Is there a word for that?) Pretty much, he can hear things once and can repeat them nearly verbatim. It is a skill that sometimes his siblings do not quite appreciate as he likes to recount things that he's listened to. He may also have a photographic memory... or close to... because he will do this with books as well. It's actually pretty amazing.

Happy birthday my dear boy. I love you very, very much!


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