Happy 4th birthday G. and L. and Happy 18th Birthday, B.!

Today is our triple birthday of B., G., and L. We celebrated last night because B. and A. leave today to be counselors at church camp. Here are some of the many pictures taken.

 We did presents first since the peach pie was still really hot. Here are the three birthday people.

L. (on left) and G. on their new slumber bags.

Now for these next pictures, had I known what was going to happen, I would have had someone take video as well. You all know that L. loves Superman, right? Well, with the new movie coming out, there are a lot of Superman items in the stores, so I thought L. would enjoy having a small Superman doll. Boy was a I right. In the next three pictures, you must also imagine a child so overcome with excitement that she has lost all power of speech. All she could do was to make one long continuous sound something along the lines of, "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....." This went on until she has the actual figure in her hand.

Seeing Superman (and the noise beginning)

sound continues

A. is taking Superman out of his packaging. Note L.'s arms (she is still making the noise).

Ahhh, Superman. 

G. got Sully from the new Monsters movie. (She does like him, the picture just didn't catch her smile.)

B. received his presents from us a couple of months ago. Grow lights aren't much good after the growing season has begun. He also really wanted an miniature orange tree which he has been nurturing for the past couple of months. Don't worry, his grandparents gave him a very nice gift.

A. and P. gave the little girls ponies.

And then the noise began again when L. saw the present from Grammy and Grandpa. She has become something of a sports buff (don't ask me how) and is routinely dressing up in her 'basketball' outfit. So her grandparents got her a basketball hoop. Cue the eeeeeeeeeeee noise.

G. got a new plasma car from Grammy and Grandpa. She loves it.

And then the pies were cool enough to eat. So we sang (three times) and blew out candles. I actually had a '4' candle for the little girls.


G. waiting for her turn.


And she blew the candle out!

I didn't have an '18' candle, so J. held a match. B. wasn't terribly amused.

But he put up with it.

Superman was hiding under her other clothes. (And their hair was done earlier, as usual, they took out the hairbands.)


Just cute.

So Happy Birthday, my darling and adored children. I love all three of you very, very much. It is a bit much for you all to be getting so old and all at the same time, though.


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