Saturday, June 01, 2013

Gretel-locks and the three little children

Once upon a time there lived three little children. These children loved grilled cheese sandwiches so much and were always happy when their Mother made them. These little children also loved going to movies. And on this day, the three little children were particularly happy because they had both grilled cheese sandwiches and then trip to the movies after they ate them. But the three little children also happened to be very slow eaters, and they just couldn't finish the grilled cheese sandwiches before it was time to leave. "We will leave them on our plates and finish them when we come home," they said to themselves. And that's just what they did. The three little children left their favorite sandwiches on their plates and went to the movies, happily looking forward to finishing them when they returned.

Now also living in this house was a furry blond creature named Gretel-locks. She was young and still learning to behave and didn't always have the best manners or think before she did things. Gretel-locks also loved grilled cheese sandwiches and most days the people she lived with were careful to keep their grilled cheese sandwiches closely guarded. The three little children knew this and were sure that Gretel-locks was safely locked in her cave before they left their grilled cheese sandwiches unguarded.

While the three little children were at the movie and Gretel-locks was sleeping in her cave, a rogue character entered the story. She didn't know she was in a fairy tale and mistakenly thought that she was a big sister, just home from a chemistry final who was helping out the family dog by letting her out of her crate. Silly big sister. She should know when she walks right into the middle of a fairy tale.

Gretel-locks was in her cave, dreaming and dreaming and dreaming about those grilled cheese sandwiches when all of a sudden, her cave magically opened and she was free to investigate. Gretel-locks went downstairs and saw three plates on the table. She decided to try the sandwich on the first plate. "Mmm... just right," she said to herself. Gretel-locks decided to try the sandwich on the second plate. "Mmmm... even better," she said to herself. Gretel-locks decided to try the sandwich on the third plate. "Mmmmm... perfect," she said to herself and instead of finding a comfy bed to sleep in, decided to go back to her cave to sleep it off.

When the three little children arrived home from the movie they happily ran into the kitchen where they had left their sandwiches. The movie was good, but they had thought about nothing but those sandwiches as they came home. The first little child stopped and stared. "Someone has eaten my sandwich!" he cried. The second little child looked at her plate. "Someone has eaten my sandwich!" she cried. The third child, hearing the wails of the others, looked at her plate and said, "Someone has eaten my sandwich and it is all gone!"

Poor, poor little children. But unlike a bear family, these little children have a kind and caring big sister who makes them more por, er, grilled cheese sandwiches. And they all lived happily ever after. Even Gretel-locks.

Having approximately 15 different version of the same fairly will do this to you.

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