Dratted alarm clock

But not for the reason that you think, I bet. No, it's because it only randomly works, and today was not one of the mornings it chose to function. Without an alarm, I just do not wake up. And I can't just make my whole morning shift just a little later because I am in the middle of my week of driving to the eye doctor. Two children down, four to go, plus various other appointment. Even the dog.

I have a question for all of you though. Feel free to comment and then others will have something interesting to read because they aren't finding it here this morning. Have any of you read or heard about the book (or the author) Beyond Smarter: Mediated Learning and the Brain's Capacity for Change by Reuven Feuerstain, Rafael Feuerstein, and Louis Falk. It sounds fascinating, something that could be very helpful to my population of children, and a brain book that I've never read.

And my library (and all the surrounding libraries) don't have it. And I hate to buy books if I can avoid it. So, have you read it? Is it worth it? Interesting? Or more specifically, is it worth spending $27 on?


Ann said…
Surely Amazon or AbeBooks have secondhand copies--or they will at some point.
JBC said…
I just submitted an interlibrary loan request for it, my dear! (Yet another perk of working for a university.)


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