Friday, June 28, 2013

And 76 pounds of strawberries later...

All 14 of us (we were only missing J.) drove up to go strawberry picking yesterday afternoon. We had great weather and the strawberries were huge and very sweet. The fields were still pretty wet so by the time we were done everyone's feet were pretty soggy. Some people were very good at picking and others were very good at eating and some managed to do both. Since we had so many people picking we ended up with a lot of strawberries. 12 of those baskets full that you see people carrying. Guess what I'm doing for the next few days? I will be spending quality time in my kitchen processing strawberries... jam, freezing, and I'm going to try dehydrating some as well. I flip-flop back and forth between thinking, 'We have too many strawberries!" and "We don't have enough strawberries!" 

G. and L. are looking particularly twinny in these pictures and I actually had to stop and think which girl was which when I looked at them. G. started out in braids, but the car ride was hard on them and she spent the afternoon looking a bit waif-like. L.'s pony tails held up a bit better. 

So, some pictures...



G., M., P., and H.



More picking

G... if you look closely you will see a very stained mouth

TM and our guest made cookies yesterday morning before we left. Here are some of us enjoying them after having picked our berries.

And our timing couldn't have been better. We picked our berries. Then had our snack and visited the port-a-potties and got into the van. We drove around and around and around toward the exit and paid. Once we got out on the highway we saw our first raindrop. By the time we had driven a couple of minutes it was coming down in buckets. We were all very glad that we still weren't in the strawberry fields. I was particularly glad because while it would have been uncomfortable to get wet, it would have been even less fun to get stuck in the mud with the van. You can see we are parked in a grassy field, but because of the rain, the ground is fairly soft. I was a little worried driving on it when it wasn't raining, I'm not sure we would have made it afterwards.

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Let the work, oh I mean fun, begin!
Kim Crawford

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