Thursday, May 30, 2013

One month post-op

OK, I think the swelling has gone down enough that I am comfortable starting to post some pictures again. But be warned... there is still quite a bit of swelling. The only way I can really tell how much swelling is still in her cheek is to look at her eye. We're so used to seeing that side of her face slightly larger that it is very difficult for us to read it as swelling instead of excess tissue. Also, the places where her sutures were are still healing so they are raised and still pretty red. I just didn't want to get anyone's expectations up as to what they are about to see. First I'll show the a picture I took previous to her surgery.

And now I'll show you a picture I took yesterday.

Most importantly, H. is liking the result. She keeps referring to her cheek as 'so little'. We have a long way to go, but there is definite improvement.

Here is a close up of the left side of her face. You can see more clearly just how swollen everything is and how much healing the suture lines have. H. really does not enjoy me massaging them, but we need to in order to help break down scar tissue.

Now to go tackle my to-do list. My parents come into town this afternoon so they can see B.'s show. Don't forget to come and see Arsenic and Old Lace this weekend... Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's going to be great. Call me for details... or email me if you can wait a day to get them.


Somebody's Nana said...

It definitely looks like swelling vs. mass - which is why H can not only see, but feel the difference! Is the massaging something she can learn to do as well?

Claudia Huisman said...

Dear Elizabeth,
She's looking great! I can imagine that she likes it, better than ever. I was wondering, are you using a cream or oil when you massage the scars? I have very good experience and fantastic results with Dermatix, which I got prescribed by my surgeon. It makes scar tissue far more soft, flexible, lighter in color, less thick etc. Not sure if you can get a prescription for it and if your insurance covers it (it is quite expensive), but you only have to use very, very little. What also helps is vitamin E oil. It is really worth treating the scars, the results can be so beautiful... Good luck and give H. a big hug,
warm regards,
Claudia Huisman, The Netherlands

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