Oldest and youngest

One of the absolutely best things about having a large family is having such a large age range of children. Not only do I have older ones who are interesting and fun and great company, but I have younger ones that are just a joy to have around. And I get them all at the same time!

Yesterday afternoon, J. took 5 of the middles out for a bike ride (joined by some of the H-S family). It was quite an event getting everyone's bikes ready to go and every on their bikes and so on. Here's the line up as they were ready to head out.

That would be 9 children and two fathers that you are seeing in that picture. Once they left, B. and A. headed back to church for youth group which left me with just my oldest (M.) and youngest (G. and L.) children at home. This combination by themselves rarely happens. It was fun.

Do you remember those stumps that B. pulled out a couple of weeks ago, and my wish that someone would do something with them? Well, M. spotted one of them and decided that it was so cool looking that she would make something with it. (I think it is going to become a miniature tree house.) In order to really work with it, though, she had to clean off all the dirt from the root ball. This involved a great amount of water which made a nice lake/stream to play in. This was where G. and L. occupied themselves. They would throw things in while asking out loud, "Does it sink or does it float?" (We had borrowed a box about volcanoes from the Field Museum and when we did the activities last week, one of the questions asked if each of the volcanic rock samples was able to sink or float. I didn't think the little girls were paying that much attention, but I guess they were.) Then they moved onto using sticks in the water followed by wanting to stomp in the water which I had to put a stop to because they were still in their Sunday School shoes. It was getting a little too chilly by this point, so it was time to go in anyway.

It was a lovely afternoon spent with my three girls. Here are some pictures. L. is in purple, G. is in pink, and M. is one with blue hair. (It's never dull around here. B. now has very dark brown hair. I'll have to share a picture later. It's for Arsenic and Old Lace. Which is this weekend, by the way. You all should see it.)

Busy, busy, busy

Yes, that's the evil chair in the background. The little girls won't go near it.

Not all blue, there's several other colors there as well.

Playing with sticks

Is there anything cuter than anklet socks and Mary Janes on little girl legs?

Unless it's very baggy tights on little girls legs?

And, if you see a comment that you made on a previous post missing, please don't take it personally. I was feeling a little energetic about deleting spam this morning and I think I accidentally deleted some real comments, too. Sorry about that.


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