Saturday, May 25, 2013

Oatmeal, here I come

It's bulk order pick-up day! Hooray! Hooray! It is most inconvenient to start running out of things you need a week or so before the pick-up. I mean, who wants to buy things when you know in a week five pound cans and fifty pound bags of those same items will appear in your kitchen. It's been a lot of making up and doing without for a week or so.

And "appear" makes it sound as though it does the Star Trek-thing and after some sparkly lines appear, my bulk order does to. If only. No, in a few minutes I need to get ready to make the two hour trek outside of the city (because it takes about that long to really leave the city behind) to the farm where we pick-up the bulk order.

Don't feel too badly for me. Two other friends are going as well and we make a morning of it. We have child-free visiting time in the car and then after we pick up our pounds and pounds of stuff we have lunch together. It's rather a nice morning. Except for the leaving really early part. Which I'll be doing in my bathrobe if I don't hit publish right now and go get dressed.

In the meantime, pray for little Brandi.

She still doesn't have a family and it looks as though the good news I thought might be coming didn't pan out. Please don't give up on her! And do contact me if you think she might be your daughter.

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