Just doing a little bragging

Since I have yet to share what B.'s plans are for the fall, I guess the novelty has worn off of having my homeschooled-all-along children be accepted into college. It's certainly not because I'm any less proud of him. The second heading to college does seem a little less earth-shattering, mainly because having sent one to college already (where she's doing very well), had gone a long way to convincing me that we hadn't ruined our children with our crazy lifestyle choices.

But B. is quickly coming to the end of his high school career, so I guess I should brag about that a little bit, huh? He was accepted into the same college that M. has been attending, complete with academic scholarship. He had been taking classes there this year and had enjoyed it (M. enjoyed it, too) and decided that it was where he wanted to go. The benefit is that having become friends with quite a few people already, he is set up with a roommate and feels quite comfortable there. I think he is looking forward to moving onto campus in the fall. (Am I looking forward to it? No, I do not think I am.)

B. still has a couple of things to finish before he can call himself done with high school. First he has some paper/final stuff this week to finish for his college level classes, then he has his last show with Thin Ice Theater. Here's their very cool flyer designed by a Chicago artist:

B. will be playing Jonathan, the insane and scary brother in the play. He is enjoying the rehearsals and I'm looking forward to seeing it. Please come if you are in the area... it should be a fabulous show and not your typical youth theater. But it will be hard. I remember the mixture of emotions I felt for M.'s last show and it doesn't get any easier. I will probably cry a little bit. (P21, you and I can sit together and share a box of tissues.) I've warned B., so he is prepared.

Since so far we haven't had any really extroverted children who relish the thought of a graduation party, we do something a little different. The graduate gets to choose a restaurant and we (those of us in high school and up) go out to dinner together. It is really lovely to have a meal with just our oldest children and be able to enjoy their company without a lot of interruptions. Cute interruptions, but interruptions none the less.

I am so proud of my son. He is smart and kind and funny and thoughtful and caring. I enjoy his company and love to watch him dote on G. and L. And I will miss him terribly when he is at school next fall, even if it is only 25 minutes away.


Owlhaven said…
Isn't it reassuring to see your kids head out and do fine? We've sent off 4 of our 10 so far and they're doing well!

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