Appointments, appointments

There are very few downsides (in my opinion) to having a large family, but keeping up with and taking children to various doctor's appointments is definitely one of them. I am usually a little bit behind with keeping up with what everyone needs. This has been mentioned to me more than once in the past few months, especially in regards to eye appointments.

We do not have the best genes where vision is concerned. Many of us are very near-sighted and some of us are so near-sighted that we have additional issues that go along with it. Plus, it's just no fun to not be able to see clearly... as quite a few of my children have kept reminding me. I had been hesitant to pick-up the phone to make the appointments, though, because dollar signs times at least 5 started to float through my head. Refraction fees and the cost of eye glasses and contacts add up. So, I kept putting them off by saying we needed to wait for the tax refund to come.

And it came, so I needed to call.

A half an hour later, six children now have eye appointments, and two of those will also try-out wearing contacts. Good mom, huh? But wait... you'll think I'm an even better mom (or possibly insane) when I tell you that all six appointments happen within the same week. On three different days. And it takes a half hour to get to the eye doctor. It turns out that the doctor is leaving on maternity leave at the end of June so we had to squeeze in all the appointments before she left, plus half of the children who needed appointments had church camp that month, so we had to work around that as well. I'll just write the entire week off now and plan for a lot of documentaries to come for those who are at home.

The receptionist was quite curious after we made all the appointments and jokingly asked if I wanted one as well. She was a bit surprised when I told her I already had one earlier in the month. (I like my retinas and am diligent about making the appointments I need to keep them healthy.) She then mentioned that she was really looking forward to meeting me when I came in. (I'll have to make sure the second and third heads are well concealed that morning.) And then said, "Well, that should just about take care of the whole family."
"Um, some of them at least," I said.
"There can't be many more!" she chirpily replied, possibly thinking that only my husband was left.
I gave a half-hearted, slightly uncomfortable laugh and said good-bye. I didn't want to be on the phone for another half an hour explaining who was left.

I had other doctor's offices to call.


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