Meander around my brain

I have started and deleted I don't know how many posts today. Either I didn't like the tone or wrote two sentences and discovered I had nothing else to say or the whole thing was so incredibly boring even I didn't want to read it. Among the different topics I didn't write about include the idea of children being seen only as consumers, the benefits of having a wide range of ages in ones children, how a clean sink is the key to wanting to cook, and a little tirade over the movie Stuck and the Hague convention. So many titles, so little content. My brain has been like that today.

Instead, I find myself pondering questions such as why this post about Civics and SB 136 has suddenly been getting so many hits. Or how we could have run out of oatmeal (an item I buy in 50# bags) with still over a month to go before we pick up the next bulk order. Or how long it is going to take before I finally decide to put my recipes in a new binder because the old one has fallen apart and is kicking around the floor by my desk.

Fascinating, I know.

I just feel unsettled and unable to focus. I have found some interesting links that other people have written.

We couldn't afford the children... glad we didn't have to

It's not the end

What Gosnell and the Gospel mean to the brave

Why you can't standardize children

And my most recent article, Me? Patient?


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