Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Lots of pictures - part 2 - Easter

Our Easter tradition is that everyone gets dressed and stays upstairs until everyone is ready. Then we head downstairs together, look at the Easter baskets at everyone's place (they are from us, no bunny), have breakfast together beginning with the traditional "He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!" greeting, and then head off to church. After church, we come home and J. and some of the older children hide the eggs (outside if it's nice). Then we send the younger set out to find them. We have to do it right away because we usually have egg salad on croissants for lunch and it's difficult to find eggs if they have been made into egg salad. After some resting and cleaning up, we usually go to J.'s sister's family where we are joined by his other sister's family for dinner together.

The day was lovely, both because of weather and general temperament. It is no small gift to have a holiday without drama. Truly a blessing.

Enjoy some photos of the day.

M. and B.

The whole crew. Well nearly all of them are there, but you can't really see H. behind D. and I don't know where K. is.



L. (purple) and G. Can you tell L. wasn't in a picture taking mood?

G. and H.


P. (notice her new skirt which was part of the sewing marathon)



B. with Gretel. She is still learning manners and would have knocked small children down in her quest to find the eggs. And then she would have eaten the eggs.

TM, who looked for eggs a bit, but was far more interested in using the ripstick which was a family Easter gift.

These are about half of the pictures. I'll post all of them on the facebook page.

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LisaE. said...

Happy Easter! The dresses turned out wonderfully. Glad you had a wonderful day. :)

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