Confused Noise

"What I say," said Eeyore, "is that it's unsettling. I didn't want to come on this Expo -- what Pooh said. I only came to oblige. But here I am; and if I am the end of the Expo -- what we're talking about -- then let me be the end. But if, every time I want to sit down for a little rest, I have to brush away half a dozen of Rabbit's smaller friends-and-relations first, then this isn't an Expo -- whatever it is -- at all, it's simply a Confused Noise."  (From Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne)

This was part of the chapter that I read to G. and L. at naptime today and it pretty much sums up my morning. It was simply a Confused Noise. You (the parent) decide it is a grand day to set out on an expedition (learn new things, do projects, play outside, etc.) and all that happens is you end up brushing away small creatures all morning who are making lots of noise.

The other quote that nearly made me laugh out loud was:

"Hallo, Rabbit," he [Pooh] said, "is that you?"
"Let's pretend it isn't," said Rabbit, "and see what happens."
"I've got a message for you."
"I'll give it to him."

Just replace the name 'Mommy' for Rabbit and it, too, will give you a sense of the morning.

The type of morning which leaves one edgy and grumpy and for which there is no one moment that can be pinpointed as to the cause. It's doubly aggravating when the sun is shining, the doors are open, and it's the first day that I am not wearing an extra cardigan.

It's now quiet time. I will do my best to regroup, then maybe do some picking up, and see what I can salvage from the day.



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