Why adopting an older child is a lot like living in a Monty Python sketch

J. pointed out that sometimes trying to communicate with H. is like living in our very own Monty Python movie... especially the scene above. It is frighteningly close to an actual conversation he had with her last night.

The morning routine for the past couple of months is that no one may get out of bed until J. turns the hallway light on in the morning. This is mainly for the littles and H. The second any of them hear someone up and about they come scampering out of their rooms wanting to be up and about. And since J. often wakes up early to try to get some studying done, having a heard of small, loud children running around insisting on breakfast is not terribly helpful.

He was saying good night and was about to shut the door when he said, "You can get up when I turn the lights on in the morning, H."

H: Right. When you turn the lights out.
J: No, when I turn them on.
H: Yes, when you turn the lights out.
J: No, on. See your lights are off. (Flips switch) Now they're on. (Flips switch) Now they're off. When I turn the lights on, like this. (Flips switch)
H.: Oooh. Yes. Lights off. I get up when you turn the lights off.
J: On. Goodnight.

Or something very close to that. We just need to teach her to use a British accent.


sandwichinwi said…

My early riser had a plan last night that made total sense to me when he listed it off.

So much for the plan. At 5:15 he was in my room. "Can I watch a movie?" "No. It's dark. You need to go back to sleep." Then I hear him reading to his doll (because he's in 2nd grade and can only read out loud). And he's in his room with the light on.

I got him quiet and back to bed (in the dark!). But of course by then, the dog was up. Sigh.

This is funny... I got 3 kids 8 y.o. and under so yes, they rise very early... they come into my bedroom and say right next to my ear "mom, I am hungry!" My answer is the same EVERY morning :" you can eat a banana, or an apple, or a pear. On top of the kitchen island." Every morning the answer is the same, but for some reason they think they need to come and wake me up and ask. I have already told them NOT to wake me up but they do it anyway. I guess it's their way of saying Good morning. Kids are funny!!

Now my oldest is 10 y.o. and she is beginning to sleep longer...so I am trying to make her move to her OWN room, but she doesn't want to. She is being bothered by the others waking up early and all, but she doesn't want to be all by HERSELF in another room. Homeschooled kids are funny like that!! Maybe in a few more weeks of sleep interruptions will help her change her mind.

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