Public service announcement

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us yesterday. We are all fine, but there is just too much for me to process at the moment so don't feel as though I can write about it.

In lieu of writing, I want to let all Illinois residents know about a bill about to go before the Adoption Reform Committee at 3pm (CDT). HB 1297 has been proposed and its main feature is that it seeks to remove the DCFS approval process from home studies written for international adoption. Having our home study approved by DCFS before being able to send it to the federal government for visa approval has been the absolute worst step of each adoption. (OK, maybe not K.'s... his whole adoption was long and tedious). I'm sure you all remember the saga of the four month approval process of our home study for H.'s adoption.  Anyway, this would be a very good thing.

There are five members of this committee. Please, if you are in IL, call these people and let them know that DCFS approval for these home studies is not needed. You can go to the IL General Assembly site which lists the committee members or you can just call them using this list: Sara Feigenholtz: 217/782-8062; Naomi Jakobsson: 217/558-1009; Keith Sommer: 217/782-0221; Barbara Wheeler: 217/782-1664; Ann Williams: 217/782-2458.

You have at least one more hour. Please call!
Edited with more updated news... HB 1297 will probably not be heard today as two representatives are working on combining two bills into one that would do more with adoption reform in IL. I don't have details about it yet, but will let you know when I do. In the mean time, if you haven't yet called the representatives on the list, you still have time. Call and email! Reports from various offices are saying they are starting to create rather lengthy lists of people in favor of reform. This is your chance to let IL government know that IL needs to do better with caring for its children and its families.


LisaE. said…
Sorry! Praying for your family - as always! *hugs*

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