More spring organizing

I'm on a roll and I can only chalk it up to the start of a spring cleaning frenzy. That would be spring in the euphemistic sense since every time I look out my window I see more snow falling. Not a lot, but there is still white-stuff coming down from the sky. But I'm tired of looking around my house and not feeling happy about it, so instead of walking away feeling angry, I've decided to do something about it.

Today was the literal pit of embarrassment that our front stairs down the basement had become. This space has been many things, but it doubles as a storage area with shelves, hooks, and a small cupboard. We keep things such as the Sunday school bags (which hold worship journals and J.'s teacher curriculum), our painting bags, insulated lunch boxes and bags, puzzles, and games for younger people since they can reach them in this space. On the whole it's not bad (when it's cleaned), but because it has a door which we keep shut I don't notice right away if chaos is breaking out. By the time I catch it is usually too late. So that, combined with the fact that in order to get to the cabinet and shelves you have to go down some stairs, means that often a child will stand at the top of the stairs, do their best to aim whatever it is they are putting away in the right direction and then close the door again. It was not pretty and every time I looked at the scattering of game and puzzle pieces littering the floor, I would start to see red and feel the need to close the door again.

This morning though, with our history co-op not scheduled to meet, I felt in an equable enough of a mood to be able to tackle it without bursting a blood vessel. It's almost done, having picked up all the little pieces, thrown away all the garbage, dusted, and rearranged some the items on their hooks, all I have left is to sort the pile of loose pieces into their proper boxes and set them in the cupboard. D. was a huge help and we even purged a game or two. I still have a couple of games which I haven't seen played in a very long time that I want to make people play to see if they are just forgotten or are really not very good.

Since my original plan for this post was to take pictures of children (because those have been sorely lacking and I know my mother starts to get complaints from her friends [Hi there!]), I will try to get some pictures taken soon and put them up. They may go up on the facebook page first, so check there every so often. But really, when a desire to clean rises up, it is foolish not to take advantage of it.

And one last bit of news before I go. Probably I could have just written a three sentence post (I'm actually not sure I'm capable of that), and left it because this news is so good. Are you ready? Chad has a family! I saw the announcement today and am over the moon. That leaves just one little girl out of the original six children I was advocating for.

This is Brandi. She is 6 years old. She lies in her crib and waits and waits and waits for someone to scoop her up and tell her how loved she is. Just imagine a grin on her face, her hair allowed to grow out. Imagine how transformed she will look when she is loved. Pray that she doesn't have to wait too much longer for her parents to find her.


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