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This may be my last post until after the weekend. Blogging isn't quite making it to the top of the need to do list. You want to hear why? Well, tomorrow we are going to have a Seder dinner for Maundy Thursday. That involves quite a bit of work and it's one of the reasons I have been out shopping for half the day. Good Friday brings our church's Good Friday Family service in the morning. Saturday we will decorate eggs. Then, of course, we have Easter on Sunday with its own needed preparations. (And dresses... with none of them done yet.) And this year, K's birthday falls on Easter, so we will be celebrating on Monday. He wants a dinosaur cake. I'm quite glad that he has no specific idea of what a dinosaur cake is, so I can make it up on Monday and not think about it right now. It all seems a bit much and I'm glad a scheduled a second week of spring break so that I could enjoy a week off as well.

If you are interested in reading more of any of these things, I have some previous blog posts you can look at:

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And if you are interested in the Good Friday service, click the link for more details.

The other thing I want to mention is on a completely different topic. I'm not sure how many of you keep up with the Duggars (I don't watch the show, but when I see something come up about them I read it), but it seems they recently made a trip to China and as part of the trip visited an orphanage. They were so moved by what they saw there that they have announced that they are considering adoption. There was an online article about it that I came across... and made the mistake of reading some of the comments. I do know better and only read a few of the hundreds that were left because they turned my stomach with their vileness. So vile I couldn't even bring myself to repeat them to my mother when we were talking this morning.

And I am baffled. Absolutely baffled as to why this family garners such hate from people. All for raising and loving more than the normal number of children and doing so competently. What about it touches such a nerve in people? And what difference does it make to them? I don't get it. I am slightly less baffled by the rampant ignorance about orphans and adoption. But the ignorance is great and the worst of it is that it seems the people who are most ignorant don't even know they're ignorant.

Underlying it all is a very telling base assumption that children are not valuable. If the Duggars were wealthy in any other way, I don't think people would think twice about it. It might be quirky to have, say, 19 cars or boats or even houses, but I don't think it would upset the public as being wealthy in children does. And if children who have a family have little value, the comments show that children without a family have even less. It boils down to the fact our society as a whole sees children very differently than God sees them.

Since I'm not feeling at the top of my form today, instead of continuing on with my little rant about this, I'm going to direct you to two other blog posts that do a far better job. Why replicate something already well done. So, read these links and I'll see you back here after the weekend. Have a blessed Easter.

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