No, it's not Talk Like a Pirate Day. It's also not a day that gets a real post. You want to know why? I've been sewing like a fiend only to discover that the skirt is too short. Must go to Plan B which is going to take more time. Decide to finish my dress, but discover I'm out of hem tape. Then needed to drive for an hour and a half only to come home to finish dinner, eat, and then put everyone to bed.

If I were rolling in money, at this point I would shop online, pay exorbitant shipping fees, and be done.



LawMommy said…
I'm so sorry for your frustration. My own sewing fiasco this week went something like this:

Why won't this work? Why won't this work? How about this? No, that looks awful too. Call tailor in building next to my office. Inquire if she can accomplish task. Walk pants to tailor. Hand $10 to tailor.

The tailor is lovely and clearly underpaid. I still feel like a failure.

thecurryseven said…
If it's any comfort, I really despise hemming pants and sent J. to the tailor to have a pair of his hemmed. Not a failure, just allocating resources wisely. As in your sanity.


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