Why would I want to share this?

"S says ssssssssss.... A says aaaa.... M says mmmm...
ssss...aaaa... mmm...
ssss aammmm
ss am

"Mommy I read it!! I love you, Mommy!" and K. gives me a big kiss followed by a high five.

K. read his first words today. He has been waiting to do this for months, but I have learned to not introduce sound blending too soon because I want a child's first experience to be met with success. Having finished his last introductory phonics workbook, he was ready and eager to start.

You want to know why I homeschool? This is it. I selfishly want the best moments of my child's day to myself. I want to be the one to witness and share the joy when new ideas are discovered and new skills are learned. I want to be the one my child hugs when he reads his first word.

And for this little boy, the victory is so much sweeter. Not talking or eating solid food at over two years of age, he was far more like an infant in ability and size when we brought him home. I've said before that we had no idea what he would end up being able to do or if he would ever talk. Of course, that was long before I really knew this little boy. He is an energetic and determined guy and doesn't let much hold him back.

Four and half years ago, I held my breath and wondered if I was really prepared to parent this child. Today I am so glad we didn't let fear stop us from making him our son.


LisaE. said…
I LOVE those moments. Congratulations K!!!!
Anonymous said…
Way to go, K!
Kim Crawford
Lucy said…
I know you didn't really mean it, but I just want to say anyway - it's not "selfish", it's normal. The hard work, the reward, the involvement with a childs' life is what should be.

When I cried as I dropped my 6 week old baby off at daycare the first time, it wasn't a "rite of passage" for her or me as a mom - it was an abnormal separation.

I know very well these separations and lack of involvements must occur in many families, but I'm tiring of social glossing of these breaks in family unity, even painting them as the norm.

Just thinking in type here, I'm really not taking issue with your word choice :-)
Anonymous said…
So good. So, so good. (Hannah from J's office)

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