Monday, February 25, 2013


It's difficult to write a post when you're just not home all afternoon. Enjoy these posts from other people while I sit down and catch my breath.

First what I thought was an intriguing post about adoption, faith and large families. Clinical View vs. Biblical View at All Are Precious In His Sight

Next, my (now real life) friend who works at Eagles' Wings outside of Zhengzhou (we took a lot of supplies to them when we were adopting H.), is posting a Lenten series about various needs that exist and that you can support. The series is Forty Days. If you click on the current day (today is Day 11) you will see what the opportunity to help is. Thankfully, many of the needs have been completely met.

Then you have to go look at the blog Attic 24. It is a blog all about crocheting. You don't need to crochet to enjoy it. I still don't crochet, but it makes me want to learn. It is bright and happy and fun and just what I want to look at in bleak and gloomy February.

And lastly, along the lines of needing something fun and light this time of year, you need to check out Pattern Junkie. It is a blog that shows old pattern envelopes with funny commentary. I feel like everyone in the world knew about this before me, so probably all of you know about it as well. But it's still funny. Particularly at 11 o'clock at night when I'm overly tired and should really be in bed. Then it is really funny. Funny enough to me at least to need some tissues at hand so I can wipe my eyes which are tearing with laughing so hard.

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