Avoidance knitting

We are having a relaxing Saturday, which thankfully, has been going very smoothly. So it makes me think I should use the time to tackle one of the many projects I have been meaning to get to... sorting through coats, hats, and mittens; putting away the outgrown clothes that have piled up in my bedroom and maybe even cleaning that room; deep-cleaning one of the rooms which really needs it; spending some time in the kitchen and making some food for future use; cleaning off my desk so that I can more easily pay the bills on Monday. And that's just the list I came up with barely thinking about it.

What have I been doing this afternoon? Knitting. And ironically the pattern I'm using is called, 'The Fear of Commitment Scarf'. I think the reason I am not motivated to start any of these projects is that I have learned from experience that sometimes projects take on a life of their own and the two hours I thought would be enough just isn't. I'm not really excited by the prospect of creating more chaos than currently exists and then not have time to put everything back to rights. So I'm knitting. Knitting doesn't cause chaos and is very easy to put back into the knitting bag when I need to move onto something else. And I'm using a very soft chunky dark blue yarn which is very satisfying to work with. Far more satisfying than dusty boxes in the basement.

Listening to the voices in the background makes me need to amend the statement that knitting doesn't cause chaos. It does when you have children who like to do the things their parents are doing. Seeing me knit is causing children to want to knit. "Mommy, do you have any needles?" "Mommy, where is the yarn?" "Can I knit, too?"

Why don't they all ask for piles of books and notepads and sit quietly by themselves narrowing down dissertation topics like their father?


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