Monday, January 14, 2013


That's what this post is going to be today because that is how I am feeling. The day started off well enough, but then something happened and I lost control and now I feel as though I'm trying to keep up with too many different things all at once.

First I'll start with what I was going to share with you on Saturday night. Except I didn't because I was too tired. One of my friends from childhood (since first grade if my memory is functioning) was in town for a conference and had yesterday free. When she asked if there was anything from Arizona that she could bring me, I requested really good Mexican food. Well, she couldn't bring it, but she volunteered to make it. Even better! We had a great time catching up and cooking and eating and spending time together. 

It was also pretty funny, because to watch my children watch her, you would think that no one ever cooked in my kitchen. Maybe it was the novelty of someone other than their mother cooking, but the six youngest hovered around the edges for the entire time. Here is a glimpse at what it looked like... those are sopapillas that are being made.

We (well, I did a little chopping, mostly it was my friend) also made albondiga soup (Mexican meatball soup) and it was incredibly yummy. I will be making it again. Probably often. The children would really like the sopapillas weekly, but that won't happen. I have to work up a real craving for something to make frying in hot oil a reality.

Next comes the dog, who occupies a lot of my mental real estate these days. She can't stand the cone, so for the past week she has been wearing t-shirts. See...

But sadly, both for her and for my checkbook, the skin isn't healing as nicely as we had hoped. Some of the tear has healed, but there is a significant portion where the tissue had died and turned black. It is not a pretty sight and she has been back to the vet's office twice in the past five days. And tomorrow she gets to go back again because she will be having more surgery. She needs to have the dead tissue removed and then the doctor will try to reattach the skin. We have at least two more weeks of a t-shirt wearing dog. Poor thing. And because she is a puppy. A lab puppy. She just wants to play and run and jump and chase her tennis ball and sit on your lap, and lick you. But she's not supposed to play and run and jump and chase. She is a giant bundle of pent-up puppy energy. Poor us.

And finally, I keep meaning to write about the fact the we have entered back into Ordinary Time in the church calendar. I've been doing research (I love doing research) and am working on some ideas about this, so I'm putting off writing about it for a while. That should be coming soon.
I need to add a little self-promotion to keep my paying-job-editors happy. If you missed my article on The Power of Play, go ahead and take a look. I'd really appreciate it.

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