People I admire

I have some pretty amazing friends. Though when I say amazing, I need to qualify it, because I know how it feels to be called amazing when you know you're really not and you are just doing what God has led you to do. It's not that the people God calls are amazing, but that God is amazing and enables His people to be like Him.

But still, it's a pretty big calling that they are following. Both of these families have adopted children whose life expectancies are shorter than usual. One family, the Greens, have adopted many children, and their youngest, a baby who was discharged out of the hospital and straight into hospice care, is in the process of moving to Heaven. (I wrote about their first baby they said good-bye to in Celebrating a very short life.) Don't make the mistake of assuming that this is easy for them, or easier for them than it would be for any one of us, I don't believe that for a moment. But they are so convinced that every single child deserves the love of a family that they are willing to sacrifice their comfort and feelings in order for a child to experience that.

My other friends we had the pleasure of meeting when we were travelling to pick-up H. They were a part of our travel group and they brought home two little ones, one of whom has a severe heart condition which may not be totally repairable. They knew going in that they may not have the chance to see him live to adulthood. I have so loved reading her accounts of loving this little boy regardless of what the future brings. She is intent on soaking up every bit of life and joy she can from being his mother. This little boy will be having surgery in February to see if they can help his heart function better. I suggest you take a look at their blog: Seriously Blessed.

Doing such a thing may seem unimaginable. But don't discount God's ability to empower. If He can enable these families to do this, what could He enable you to do if you opened yourself up to His calling?


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