Friday, December 21, 2012

Mothers should not be able to get sick

They just shouldn't. And certainly not right before Christmas. I thought I had it beat, but last night I took a huge nosedive for the worse and have spent the morning in bed. I'm trying to decide if I feel marginally better or not right now.

It does give me an opportunity to brag about my children a little. If I must be sick, having everyone home makes it somewhat more bearable. J. needed to go to work so that he could finish up things on his desk before the holiday which left my older people in charge. Well, I tell you, you people should be banging down my door to enlist M.'s services. Instead of letting chaos break out, she organized the masses into a cleaning crew and they cleaned the house. Unasked. And they work cheap, it only cost her a box of 99 cent candy canes.

So now the little girls are napping, the middle children are watching Schoolhouse Rock, and the three oldest have gone out to lunch with all of their friends who are home from college. I'm wondering if something other than Saltines sounds appealing.

But Christmas preparations must continue. In between napping, I finished the handwork on G. and L.'s Christmas dresses so that I can put in the zippers. Then all that is left are hems. (A quick sewing question. Part of the girls' dresses are cut on the bias and a good friend warned me that I needed to hang them for at least 24 hours before hemming to let the bias cut fabric do its thing. I can already tell it is longer than the rest. Do I just cut it off even with the rest of the dress before I hem it?)

And now back to recovery. I need to be better by tomorrow. Our last pageant rehearsal is in the morning and I have a children's choir to conduct. The show must go on and all.

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Somebody's Nana said...

In answer to your question, "yes". Get well soon, and don't overdo it. Christmas will be lovely even if something you planned is missing.

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