Happy New Year's Eve

My compulsive photo uploading continues. I'm through 2009, 2010, part of 2011, all of the China pictures, and some of 2012. This is making me feel very good as some of these pictures were merely on memory cards and not saved anywhere else.

And while I wait for the photos to slowly upload, we will be making the house presentable for our New Year's Eve party this evening. J. and I once tried to go out and do the typical couples New Year's Eve-thing, but it wasn't so fun that we ever wanted to do it again. We would much rather ring in the New Year with our children and good friends, so that's what we do.

We'll have at least four other families over this evening. The adults traditionally play hearts (which can be an entertaining spectator sport as well, because some of us are a wee bit competitive), the younger children run around and play, and the older children tend to talk together and play games as well. Sometimes we have become so engrossed in our game that we need to put off the new year by a few minutes. Then after serving the appropriate sparkling beverages to the masses, we sing Auld Lang Syne. Sometimes we even try to sing it with the original Scots words which adds to the amusement.

I usually set out all the treats that have piled up during the holidays with the hopes that they will get eaten. I have made it a tradition that anything left at the end of the party gets thrown out so as to start the new year without a lot of junk in the house.

2012 has certainly had its share of highs and lows, though I suppose that's true for any year. I don't remember many other years which have been so emotionally exhausting. I will admit to heading into 2013 with a certain amount of trepidation, considering the surgeries we will have coming up.

So, enjoy celebrating the past year with your loved ones. I'll see you back here in 2013.


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