Friday, November 09, 2012

Back to normal tomorrow

This is our last day in DC, and we should be returning home around dinner time. Please pray for everyone's transition as we settle back into our routine. I'm sure I will have much to share with you tomorrow.

And now to Penny. I can't understand why this child is still waiting.

Continuing to advocate for the children in Bulgaria. Their files were sent back which means that they cannot be advocated for on Reese's Rainbow or have any funds donated towards their adoptions. It means they are essentially invisible and unwanted. It tells the government and the agencies that yes, indeed, their initial assumptions were correct. No one wants a child like these. They are not worth it.

But they are! They are created by God in His image and we are called to care for them. They are truly the least of these. I cannot let them go; I think about them in nearly every free moment that I have. I'm going to post one of their pictures here at the bottom of each of my posts each day. Would you join me in praying for each of these children? Pray that a family would come forward who is willing to adopt them. Love them. Pray that they will know they are not forgotten? There is still hope for these little ones as their files can be specially asked for, it just adds time to the process.

This is Penny. She is 12 years old and has had her file sent back not once, but twice. Two times not one family said that she was worth being adopted. Can you imagine? Look at those eyes! And imagine that curly hair grown out and in adorable pigtails! The reports say that she still smiles, even after the years of abuse and neglect that she has endured. Please, can't just one family give her something to really smile about? Can one family share their abundance with this child?

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