Puppy love

Here is Gretel.

She's bigger, huh? At 3 1/2 months, she is now over 20 pounds. Sometimes we think we can see her grow. She is a sweet thing and is getting better and better about not using small children as a chew toy. She is also pretty adored by everyone. Here is how she spends a good portion of her day:

She is most definitely a lap dog. I don't know what this is going to look like when Gretel is full grown. It could be amusing. Unless the child she is sitting on doesn't want to be underneath. Then it could be loud.

I will say that having a puppy and two three year olds is exciting, especially when all three are learning toileting skills. I am greatly anticipating the day when not one of the three pees on the floor. The closest we've come is one accident for the dog and one accident for one girl. The worst day was when nearly everyone pooped on the floor. Don't you wish you lived here, too? You'd have to promise to use the toilet. I think the whole thing may be too much for me. Giddiness with the ridiculousness of it all is starting to set in.

Having the puppy has also been interesting from the angle of watching TM work through the whole attaching-to-the-puppy process. I'll write more about it when I can figure out a way to do so without completely compromising his privacy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. We'll be celebrating H.'s 10th birthday tomorrow, so look for pictures from the festivities on Monday.


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