Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One of those days

Nothing bad has happened, just oddness. And we continue to work to get into our homeschooling schedule.

This year I was smart and actually scheduled in library visits. I don't know why I never thought to do this before. The books are always due one month from when we checked them out and I know we're going to go. This way, I don't have to rearrange the schedule at the last moment when I realize the books are going to be due tomorrow.

And it really does take the whole morning. The first hour is spent just locating all the books and making sure we have them all. Then we have to spend some time looking for the last one or two books which have gone missing. And then they need to be loaded into bags. It takes a while. Today, we had made it to the point where the wagons were loaded up and everyone was heading outside when the phone rings.

It was my mom (Hi Mom!), and I always like to talk to her, so I sent the children on ahead, figuring that with many small children and two wagons, they wouldn't be moving very fast and I could catch-up. What I didn't count on was the bird flying into my kitchen. B. was home, having opted to spend the time working in the peace and quiet, for which I was very glad. After several attempts, no doubt helped by the fact the bird kept flying into windows and getting a little slower each time, B. was able to catch it in a towel and then carry it in a box outside. I helped by holding the box for when he needed it. It was an important job. Really.

The bird appeared unharmed, though a bit dazed, and eventually flew away. B. took some pictures before he did:

He was a pretty little thing. Anyone know what kind he is?

To finish my story, I did catch-up with the children before they reached the library, and we did make it home in time for a late-ish lunch. Here's my one tip from the morning. If you bring snacks with you for the walk home, might I suggest that nuts which need to be shelled, such as pistachios, are probably not a terrific choice? It was difficult for people to walk, eat, and remove shells all at the same time. This is doubly true if you are pulling heavy wagons full of children and books because it is impossible to shell nuts with one hand and pull a wagon.

Perhaps it is just a result of currently living with a new puppy, but one of the picture books we checked out is quickly going to become one of my favorites. It is Widget and the Puppy by Lyn Rossiter McFarland. It is cute and makes me laugh... in a sort of I-feel-your-pain way.


sandwichinwi said...

Hmm. My first thought was Cedar Waxwing, but I don't see a crest (like a Cardinal has). We have scads of them right now. They are migrating and always stop to eat the berries off our cedar tree. The cat picked a cozy spot on a branch mid-tree the other day to tremble and twitch his tail.

We had one fly into our van one day on our way home from town. That story is chronicled on my blog.


Lucy said...

Yellow Breasted Chat?

See the picture on this page - http://www.pinebarrensanimals.com/birds_%28n-z%29.php

thecurryseven said...

Looking at the pictures, I think it was a Yellow Breasted Chat. I find this just a little interesting, because 13 years ago, when we were doing the bird counting that Cornell Univ. sponsors, we never saw one. After several years of counting and identifying birds every. single. day. I thought I was pretty familiar with the birds around my area.

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