Saturday, September 22, 2012

More randomness due to fatigue

Thanks for everyone's kind comments on yesterday's post. I continue in my belief that God uses parenting as a spiritual discipline. Not only that, but God uses parenting large families as a super-intensive spiritual discipline boot camp. It is a very effective way to move a person out of their comfort and ability zone and cause them to lean on God in a way they might not have before. Too much competence is not always a good thing.

But that's as much deep thought as you're going to get out of me at this moment. Life with a puppy is tiring. (For those of you nodding your head knowingly, I knew what we were in for. She is not my first puppy.) But still, no one really enjoys getting up in the middle of the night because the puppy had some, ahem, intestinal distress in her crate and she was covered in, ahem, that distress. J. took the puppy outside and then plopped her in the tub, I cleaned out the crate and then held the wet, shivering puppy wrapped in a towel in my lap for a while until she warmed up.

It also doesn't help that the initial getting into bed was a bit later than usual because we were at friends having dinner. A really lovely catered dinner which the friends won at an auction and decided to invite our whole family to enjoy the dinner with them. (Thank you!!) And then after you get home, and get small people settled in bed, and the puppy settled in her crate, and things put away, it turns out to be late.

So, I'm in that vaguely tired, don't really feel like doing much anything mood, but yet know there are things I need to do. Things such as getting larger, warmer clothes out for various children. In the end all I really did was start several projects, made a big mess, and then left it. Of course the whole thing makes me even more tired. At least I think I found dresses appropriate for the weather for G. and L. tomorrow. Not so for D. who needs pants. That seemed easy because I had a box of size 12 pants in the basement. We pulled them out only to discover that someone had filled it with size 16 pants and 1 pair of size 12 shorts. I don't know why. D. will just have to wear too-short pants for another Sunday.

I don't know about you, but Saturdays never seem to work out quite as I planned. I think I see a nearly whole unscheduled day and in my mind what I can do in that amount of time is 10 times more than what can actually happen. I would probably do far better to focus on just getting the house sorted out so that Sunday can be relaxing, rather than think about all the major projects I can start and (not) finish.

Here's to hoping the puppy... and everyone else... sleeps through the night tonight.

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