Happy 12th Birthday, P.!

I haven't been around much because the computer came down with a virus and was very ill for a while. After four days in intensive care, it is back up and running as normal. I have to admit to really liking the break and was a bit sad to have to slog through all the email which had piled up.

Let's see, what did you miss while I was gone? Well, B. disposed of some dead, rotting possums which he found underneath the back stairs off the porch. He took pictures, but I'm not going to share them.  You're welcome. K. swallowed a mancala marker and choked on it and then swallowed it. Thankfully he's fine and all systems are working normally. The little girls have stopped falling out of bed. (Thank you pool noodles.) We spend hours and hours at the Field Museum. I came to the conclusion that about 1 1/2 hours is about the perfect time to spend on any museum trip because any longer and the recovery time at home isn't worth it. And we had our block party yesterday.

But we can't stop and linger over any of those, we need to move on because today is P.'s 12th birthday. This child has grown so much over the past year... both literally and figuratively. Height-wise, I think she is at least 5 inches taller. It has been very difficult to keep her in pants that are long enough. She is also quickly heading out of girl territory and into young lady territory instead. Recently I've noticed that she has become increasingly helpful around the house and I'm really appreciating having another pair of useful hands around.

P. is also my animal lover. And with her calm and quiet demeanor, animals of all sorts love her. P. is also really excellent in a crisis as we have had occasion to notice more than once in the past year. I can always count on her to remain calm and to be able to think clearly. Not all of my children possess this ability, so I am particularly thankful for her clear head.

So, Happy Birthday P.!! I love you very, very much and am excited to watch you grow into the beautiful and interesting young woman you are becoming.


asian~treasures said…
Happy Birthday, P! Enjoy your day.

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