First day of school

And all I really have to say about it is that we all survived. Some of us barely. I've had better first days. On the plus side, we did pretty much get through everything I had hoped, it was more the tone that I was disappointed with. Let's just say it wasn't calm.

Part of  the lack of calm is that we are seeing some real positive healing in TM, but it is a process and one that definitely feels as though it is the three steps forward, two steps back variety. As he becomes more in touch with how he is actually feeling, he is also more aware of when he is anxious. And for some reason, starting school this year, even though it is nearly exactly the same as what we have done in years past, is making him very anxious. I am very hopeful that once we get back into the routine, it will help further his healing. As just a quick example of the healing we've seen,(those of you who are practicing therapeutic parenting will appreciate this), he actually voluntarily and spontaneously told me he was sorry about something yesterday. I nearly burst into tears. 

Of course, G. and L. continue to be little whirlwind wild cards themselves. They got to start their Rod and Staff three year old workbooks today and LOVED them. They feel like big girls when they have a book to work in. It also made me glad that I laminated the pages so they can do them over and over and over again. 

H. is also going to need some time to get back into the groove of school. It was just enough different from what we'd been doing this summer that she was having trouble figuring out what was expected of her. This means she often feels the need to shout my name loudly and ask what we're doing (usually the moment I'm working with someone else). It goes something like this:

H.: Mommy! What doing?
Me: We are doing _____________. (Fill in the blank with what the current activity is.)
H. What?!

Shouting "What?!" has become her new default method of trying to figure things out. It is along the same lines of an Ugly American just talking more loudly to a person who doesn't speak English. It's as if volume is the problem and not basic understanding. Evidently God still thinks that patience is an emerging skill for me and needs to be practiced.

That's why we're getting a puppy.

Yes, you read that right. A puppy. A 9 week old blond lab puppy. The children have been after us for years now to get another dog and J. and I caved because of the cute puppy at our block party on Sunday which was being fostered by a family down the street. No, putting the cribs in the alley had NOTHING to do with it. Of course not. Why do you ask?

I suppose the excitement about the puppy arriving this evening could also have contributed to the general household wonkiness. I don't know why, though.

We bring her (the puppy) home at 6pm tonight. 

Yes, they'll be pictures... probably more than you can stand... tomorrow.


Amy said…
We had our first day of school last week and it was about like yours. I loved what you said about how patience is a skill
God must think you still need to practice. I have been feeling the exact same way.

I just wanted to share something that has helped us quite a bit. I gave each child three popcicle sticks with a letter Q at the top and their initials below. Each child has their own color of sticks. If they have a question, they must bring me a stick and quietly hand it to me without talking. Then when I am finished with who ever I am helping, I will go answer the question of any child who has given me a stick. I gave them each three sticks so if they lose one or two, they still have one to give me. They keep them in their own work bin. This has helped my patience a lot because I will not answer questions without a stick and they can potentially lose their media time if they repeatedly yell out questions. These sticks are for the morning when everyone is working on their own math, writing, spelling, etc. During history, science, etc. we work together as a family so questions sticks aren't needed. There is nothing more annoying to me then having children yelling out questions while I am explaining something to another child.
Amy said…
I should add that I implemented this popcicle stick thing on Day 3 after getting very uptight about the repeated interuptions and yelling out of questions.
Shonya said…
Chuckling at surviving the first day of school because we just completed the second week and I'm not sure we're out of survival mode yet.

And a puppy? Are you serious? Do you not know that getting a puppy is just like having a two-year-old who desperately needs training?? lol

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