Monday, September 03, 2012

Big girl beds

No more cribs around here... we have moved G. and L. into big girl beds. I have even bagged up all the crib sheets and bumper pads. You should be impressed that I didn't even sniffle, though I have purposefully not thought about it very hard, either.

G. and L. are very excited and are currently napping in them. I don't have bed rails, so we'll see if they fall out. I really don't want a repeat of that sleepless night in Iowa last year. But I know you really just want to see pictures, so I'll stop blathering and show them to you.

Here's G.'s bed. I realize looking at this picture that the wall above her bed is looking pretty bare. I should think about what to put there.

And of course G.'s bed needs to have her panda collection.

I caught these two pictures right in between smiles.

And here's L.'s bed. She wanted to get everything 'just so' before posing for a picture. You'll also notice that she is Tigger today. Very rarely is the child just L.

Here are the two beds looking in from their doorway. G.'s is to the left...

and L.'s is on the right in between the doors to their closet and the Jack-and-Jill closet which connects to the boys' room.

We were almost done with the beds when I realized that they would need blankets and pillows. This is quite a difference from when M. moved into a big girl bed. I had specially purchased all of her bedding weeks in advance of the big day. For numbers #9 and #10, it was more along the lines of, "Should we move the girls into big beds today? Alright, today is as good as any." It turns out I had enough blankets to assign two to the new beds, but I had to scavenge the pillows out of the decorative shams on my own bed to come up with pillows for them. I guess at some point I should invest in a couple more pillows. They're useful to have when we have more than the usual number of overnight guests. The quilts I had leftover from when A. and P. shared this room, so I knew I had that covered. 

I'll let you know how the first night in the big girl beds went tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Love their news beds! We use 2 pool noodles (from the dollar store) placed under the mattress pad of my daughters bed where rails would go. They work great! Saw the idea on pinterest.

thecurryseven said...

Thank you for the pool noodle tip! I found some at Aldi today for 79 cents each and we'll try them tonight.

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