Trying to help

I'm hoping one (or more) of my readers can help me out on this. I am going to be in charge of children's stewardship at my church this year. In order to make it more tangible for the children, I have had the crazy idea that the children's offerings should go to buy pediatric wheelchairs that are needed at the foster home in Zhengzhou where we brought some donations when we were there last March.

The problem is, I have no idea how to go about arranging this. I have contacted Joni and Friends, and they have been very nice, but it's summer and we are having some missed connections. I'm still hoping that this will be the venue that works out. But in case it doesn't, do any of you know how we could go about purchasing and shipping pediatric wheelchairs to China? I need to get some real details figured out soon so I can see if this is going to work!

(I'm really trying, Donna! I would love to get you those wheelchairs.)


Somebody's Nana said…
What about contacting a missionary who is local to the area there? Sending the money to purchase wheelchairs there may be more cost effective.
Donna said…
Unfortunately we have run into deadends in trying to find a local supplier of PEDIATRIC chairs...but happy to hear from anyone who knows of one. :)
asian~treasures said…
What about a local children's hopsital? You could chat with someone in PR, perhaps.

Or, our local Hangers (prosthetic/orthapedics company) has been really helpful in things like that. Is there a company in your area that may help?

Or, the Shriner's organization may have some connections. They've been so very helpful for us with Micah's arms.
asian~treasures said…
Or, what about Show Hope? They have a hospital in China & perhaps would have some connetions...state-side or in China.

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