Still summer

We're still very much in summer mode around here. We are enjoying the nice weather and the relaxed schedules and taking advantage of fun things to do in the area. Tuesday we spent a good part of the afternoon at the Lincoln Park Zoo. 



We have a membership, and this year the membership came with a punch card for free rides on the endangered species carousel. (Something we don't normally ride on.) This was a treat for everyone.

H., L., and G.



K. and P.

We realized that it was the first carousel ride for G. and L. They LOVED it. They loved it so much they didn't want it to stop. When the ride slowed down and the stopped, G. looked hopefully at A., who was standing next to her, and asked, "It go again, right?" When A. said that it didn't, G. crumpled up into a ball of despair while L. went into full offensive mode and decided that no one could make her get off the carousel. She was grabbing on so tightly it took two people to pry her off. Add the appropriate volume as you imagine the scene.

Yesterday, we joined the H-S family and drove out to Blackberry Farm, a historical farm to the far west of Chicago. (So far west, I'm pretty sure if we looked hard enough we could have seen Iowa.) It was their free day, so the fact that it was not as much farm or historical as we imagined didn't matter as much as it might of.

The smaller people did enjoy the carousel (minus the drama this time), the train, and the tractor-pulled wagon. And just ignore the smudge which I discovered on my camera lens... I couldn't fix it because my lens cloth was at home.


There was a replica of a one-room schoolhouse which had a (sort-of) interpreter in. The little girls were so cute sitting in the great big desks that I took a lot of pictures of them.



The whole crew:

And for those of you who have been following H.'s journey, I thought you might be interested in a story about the plastic surgeon she is seeing. It is really about a little boy who was born with such a significant facial tumor that H.'s pales in comparison. I am amazed at the work the doctor has done and gives me great hope for H.  Click the link: North Shore University Health Systems. When you arrive at the page, choose Summer 2012 from the list under Connections.  It takes a while for the .pdf to load, but once you are there, scroll down to the story:  Crafting a New Face for Teo. It is so amazing that it is really worth the effort to get to.


Amy said…
I read the article and that is amazing work. How wonderful that H has such a skilled and knowledgeable doctor.

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