Resorting to bullet points

I'm finding it really difficult to top yesterday's post about Superman (go ahead, you know you want to look at the cute L. pictures again), so, I'm going to stop trying and just bore you all with some humdrum family items.

  • Yesterday H. had a sedated MRI done. It meant that she and I had to be at the hospital by 6am. It's not an hour I normally like to be up and about, but we made it. H. was a trooper and did very well. Because the MRI was going to be longer than usual because the types of imaging they were doing we opted for sedation. I also (on the advice of a friend) had them put Versed in the IV just so she wouldn't remember anything unpleasant. We have too many more medical procedures to go to start having stress about them now. She handled the anesthetic very well, though it seems that when she is first coming out of it she is a real grump. It was a little odd to see her in this mood since she is normally very cheerful. I knew she was fully awake when the cheerful H. showed up.
  • M. moves back to campus on Saturday where she will be living in a campus apartment with three other young women. She will not have a meal plan, but will be cooking for herself. I think this will work out well since she didn't really care for the dorm food. (This is a huge understatement, actually.) Because of campus jobs her other roommate have moved in already and she is just a little put-out that she hasn't moved in as well. It has been wonderful to have her around this summer, but I think she's ready for a new school year.
  • B. is also going to be spending more than a little time down at the campus this year. He is all signed up to take beginning Italian as an introduction to college level classes. M. is thrilled and can't wait to see him more since he will be there three mornings a week. He will ride to school with J. and then take the bus home. This is what M. did her senior year of high school as well.
  • Everyone (my children, nurses at the hospital, neighbors, people on the street) is starting to ask me when we are starting school. Does sometime after Labor Day count as an answer? My brain is still on summer vacation and I just don't want to think about it at the moment. In the meantime the following activities have been observed among the masses: reading (lots and lots of reading), beading, hand sewing, drawing, listening to audio stories, piano playing, Lego building, beach going, playing with friends, costume creating, writing, tree climbing, and did I mention reading? I think they'll be fine for a bit longer while my brain gets a needed rest.
  • The costume creating was a result of A. being invited to a 20's themed murder mystery party. We found her a flapper-like dress and a friend did her hair.


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