After getting 9 hours of sleep last night and getting the bills paid this morning, I feel as though life can continue. Nothing like being rested and knowing exactly where the bank account is to make you feel on top of things. (Even if that number in the checkbook isn't exactly where you'd like it. I find the not knowing to be far worse. You would think that would be enough to do the actual subtraction every day.)

I need to leave for an appointment with a child in just a few minutes, so I don't have time to actually write much, but here is a glimpse into what's been going on around here.

  • We have no bunk beds in use at the moment, and the only one sleeping up high is A. in a loft bed. It started with M. deciding she didn't want her loft anymore and wanted to sleep in a regular bed. A. really wanted the loft, so she took that. This inspired P. to want to sleep in a regular bed, so the girls figured out a way to unbunk the beds she and H. use. (H. was thrilled. She evidently didn't enjoy sleeping in the bottom bunk.) All of this moving spurred the boys into action and they decided to unbunk their beds as well. Their room is a little more crowded, but they're happy with it and I figure they have less floor space to get messy. The only ones who still have their same arrangement are me and J. and B and the little girls.
  • The little girls' time in the cribs is quickly drawing to a close, though. L. demonstrated yesterday that she can indeed get herself out of her bed. I guess we'll have to get the twin beds out of storage sooner rather than later. Sigh. I was really happy to leave them in cribs until at least 3 1/2.
  • I have a new appreciation for the parents of my piano students. My children really enjoy playing the piano which makes me happy. And they have their favorite pieces which they play a lot. Really, a lot. I've decided I enjoy hearing the results of practicing and don't necessarily enjoy the process. 
  • My children make a lot of laundry.
  • There are some exceptionally bad children's books out there and we seemed to have come home from the library with more than our fair share of them this time around. My particular pet peeve are the  books which rhyme on the first two pages and then don't rhyme for a page and then go back to rhyming. 
  • I've been working on new twirly dresses for the little girls, but they are still works in progress. Sewing for five minutes at a time is not a very efficient method.
  • My big family calendar ended in July and I hand wrote August on the back piece of cardboard. At this moment September does not exist for me. This makes it difficult when different people and groups want to start planning things. I don't know why we have to rush into this fall-thing so quickly.
  • The mission trip which B. is on sounds as though it is going well. I guess it's been really hot, but they have accomplished more than they expected to. Tomorrow is their day to sight-see and visit the beach then Saturday they come home. Hooray! We all really miss B. around here.
Since the clock says it's time for me to leave, I guess I'll stop here and save you all from my endless, aimless ramblings.


Shonya said…
Beneficial ramblings, however.

Wry grin at the appreciation for the results of practice rather than the actual practicing--there's a lesson in there.

And I giggled out loud at the August calendar and the absence of any September. Glad I'm not the only one scrambling to catch up. ;)
Anonymous said…
Shonya, I giggled, too! I still have July up on the kid calendar. And I just noticed it today. Guess I'll change that this weekend.


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