My big blank wall

I realize that when I shared about organizing our craft supplies that I never showed you my solution to the big blank wall in the kitchen. Here is what it looks like now (ignore the piles on the white cupboard... some of it is school stuff that I'm ignoring for the moment):

These are three long wires that are strung in different lengths across the wall. They are from IKEA and the wires have mounts that go into the wall and which are used to tighten the wires. I also picked up the clip sets so that all we have to do is clip the artwork to the wires. The bottom wires have a rotating display of the children's various artwork and across the top is a long piece of paper (supplied by a good friend) with a Scripture verse. This is Hosea 1:7.

I wrote out the verse in pencil and then let everyone 9 and up go to town. They colored, they traced, the added pictures. I love how it looks. And there is absolutely no permanent commitment which is what I was avoiding for the past four years.


Carmen said…
I LOVE this idea!! :) It so special, and I'm sure your children love having their artwork on display!! I also love the verse!! :)

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