It's August and I want to know where my summer went

I know I still have one more month... we won't be going back to our regular school schedule until September... but it really feels as though the past two months have zipped by with very little of my normal summer time activities. I still can't quite figure out why, but we have been incredibly busy the last two months and I don't like it! What I usually do in summer is relax, do a lot of canning, and read a lot of books to my children. That just hasn't happened this year.

I also had plans to really get my Christmas lists under control and start doing prep work for anything that I planned on making. Sort of a Christmas-in-July-thing. And while I have some ideas, I don't really have a plan, and I certainly don't have anything prepped. Bah. I suppose I can work on it this month, but I was also planning on using August to do major school planning. I can tell it has been a busier than usual summer because by this point I'm usually raring to go in the planning department and right now I can think of any number of things I would rather do.

And why am I bothering to moan to all of you about my time management issues? Well, I have had more than one person comment to me that they perceive me as the ultimate in organized, and sometimes I like to add a dose of reality to the old blog. I am fairly well organized, but am a really good procrastinator, especially if I feel as though I have been too busy. And I'm freely admitting I have procrastinated a good chunk of my summer away. It always seems like an OK choice at the time, but I should know by now that I do not like the stress at the end when I feel crunched for time.

I try to tell myself that having a new daughter plus two three year olds can upset any schedule, but I know I'm a bit responsible as well. Dang computer. Moderation can be a difficult thing... in a way going cold turkey would almost be easier.

Speaking of last minute things, this blog is on the list of nominations for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Moms with Big Families blog contest. This is really coming late to the party since the voting closes today and it seems pretty darn unlikely I'll make it in the top 25 at this point, but it sure would be nice not to finish last. I don't normally troll for votes for this type of thing, but if you are so inclined, either click the embedded link up above or use the button on the sidebar and vote for me. The blog isn't even in the regular list, you have to choose the pending list option when you get to the page.

Now that it's almost lunchtime, I should see if I can even come close to accomplishing my to-do list:  catch-up on laundry, can pickles, pay bills, read to children, start Christmas lists, make dinner. So. Not. Motivated.


Anonymous said…
"Motivation follows action." I know you already know this, but I have to remind myself of it every day, so...
Amy said…
I am struggling with the exact same issues here and I tend to be an organized person. I think I need a double summer this year to get my act together.
Anonymous said…
Hey! You made it to #46 on the list! Woo hoo!

Love you,
thecurryseven said…
Think where I could have been with another day or two!


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